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About Tattoo Gone

Tattoo Gone offers a mobile laser tattoo removal service in South London and Kent.  Regretting a tattoo that you had years ago?  Perhaps the name of an ex-partner or a pledge of allegiance to a particular football team?  Perhaps your tattoo is in an area (neck, wrist, fingers?) that makes it difficult in your current working environment, or maybe you've simply moved on from the person you once were when you decided to have the tattoo.  Whatever the reason, tattoos are no longer a permanent feature that you have to live with. 

Andrew Richards Laser Tattoo Removal

Mobile Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Gone can visit you at your convenience in your home of workplace to carry out a series of short and effective laser tattoo removal treatments until your unsightly tattoo is removed.  We are discreet and our hours are flexible to fit around your schedule.

Who Are We?

Tattoo Gone is operated by Andrew Richards.  Andrew is fully qualified in the use of the YAG Laser Machine, the latest in laser removal technology. 

Tattoo Gone is fully insured with public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

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